CrossFit Open Didn’t Go As Well As You Would Have Liked?…


This blog write up is for the CrossFit open athlete who:

  • Prayed that a specific exercise was not going to be called out by Dave Castro this year?
  • Was not able to Rx the Open this year?
  • Had to opt-out of the Open due to an injury?
  • Did not perform as well as you wanted to and don’t know where to turn to?
  • Is struggling with improving their performance?
  • Needs to take painkillers often?

2017 Crossfit Open

Now that the 2017 CrossFit Open competition craze has come to a close (and boy was it a doozy!), where men and women compete to be crowned the “fittest in the world”… I can bet that you thought you had a strategy or a game plan prior to going into it – but it just didn’t go like you would have liked it to.

But you’re not alone. Many others like you don’t want to remember feeling destroyed and sore for days. So, whether your goal was to make it to the CrossFit Games or just to see where you compared to last year, or even if it was your first time competing – many came to the realization of “I’m f*@#$!”.

How do you know if you fit into this f*@#S! category? Simple! Did you find yourself praying in hopes of not seeing a specific exercise called out by Dave Castro (e.g. snatch)? Only the most feared Olympic lift which requires you to lift a weighted barbell off the floor and into an overhead position and “catching” it while in a full squat.

What that means in plain English is picking up something heavy in one awkward position and finishing in another more awkward position. Or were you not able to Rx some exercises this year…AGAIN?

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Have you asked yourself “why is this one exercise such a struggle for me?”. If you have, but just don’t know what to do or where to turn to, then continuing to read this blog may be the smartest thing you do in preparation for next year’s Open.

Reason being is, in order for you to succeed in CrossFit “in general”, you need to be constantly planning ahead just like every WOD. Strategizing. Setting small goals and meeting them. Chipping away. After all, this is what “true” training is all about and the CrossFit Open rewards those people who are willing to put in the real work to surpass their limits year after year.

Are you a member of the tribe who just goes to the box to “work out” – where there is no means to an end, or do you go “train” – where training has a purpose…and end result.   Training gives you perspective and overview. It makes the unbearable seem possible.

The problem is that for many athletes like you, the reality is that you work hard towards your fitness goal(s) without ever realizing that you may be your worst obstacle. Have you ever asked yourself in the pursuit of optimizing your health or attempting to perform like the Games athletes that have come before you, “do I even move like them?”.

Do you even possess the functional movement that CrossFit is challenging you for, so you can excel at your performance? Or are you just going to continue repeating the same things over and over again and expecting a different result? #insanity Hint: that can come at a heavy price tag in the end.

Many of you have gotten a score of 0 for one or more of the weeks which forced you to either drop out or unable to finish the Open in its entirety – which made you feel devastated after a year’s worth of hard work. Your efforts only proving the masses of co-workers, classmates, friends and family who repeatedly told you,” it’s not worth it!” who never even had the guts to start something as challenging themselves.

But you must remember that success takes many shapes and forms. You showed up the best way you could. Kicked ass. Pushed yourself past your limit. Bravely and courageously picked up that barbell and refused to stop. Listened to your coaches and CF community who encouraged you to do one more pull-up or crank that rower faster and pull harder. And each time you stopped mid lift or mid stride to catch your breath you continued. You never quit!

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So, whether you are still in bed suffering from the beat down you just took these last 5 weeks or whether you were an athlete who may have contemplated the future and weighed the risks of continuing CrossFit or competing in the Open next year – we have answers for you.

Although this may be a measurable moment of success. And while your scorecard may be incomplete, we at Level4 Physical Therapy & Performance can help you surpass your limits for next year. So, if you really want to say “Look out CrossFit 2018! I’m coming for you,” then I suggest you contact us for a functional movement and performance screen to get you on the right path for it. We will help you get on the right path to crush the open in 2018.

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Dedicated to your health and performance,

Dr. Oscar Andalon

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