Balance & Falls Self-Assessment

Balance and falls cost the US approximately $13 billion annual to treat.  Some people expect that as they age, their balance will only get worse.  What do we do to manage it?  We give people walkers, canes and wheelchairs.  What if we told you their was a better way to address falls and balance related issues that would significantly reduce the risk of falling?  Most people don't become concerned about this until they have already fallen.  Their are solutions to this common issue.

We put together this self-assessment for people looking for information about how to prevent falls and improve balance. Within this assessment, you will be asked specific questions that relate to your body and enviornment. And based off of your answers, you will be given the best information for your personal situation.  It is not meant to be diagnostic, but rather to help you understand where you might be at with your golf game and your desire to prevent injuries from happening.

Start by clicking the green button above... Then your results will be emailed to you along with the best information based on how you answered each question.  So go ahead... Click the green button to start TODAY!

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