Why Cold Weather Running Is Good For You!

Winter Running

Here in San Diego, when it drops below about 60 degrees, we feel pretty cold. And I know that sounds funny but I’m going to share with you why getting up early in the morning and cold weather running, especially in December or January is going to actually benefit you.

Cold Weather Running

“Cold Weather Running Tip” #1: it’s ideal weather for running.  I know you’re thinking, “Running in the cold, is it really that good for you?” But you’re not going to have to hydrate as much. It’s going to be less stress on your body, so it’s actually ideal to be running in the cold.

“Cold Weather Running Tip” #2: it’s going to promote weight loss. How does this happen? When you burn more calories, you expend more energy when you’re just trying to keep your body warm.

“Cold Weather Running Tip” #3: it’s going to elevate your mood and make you feel better. It’s going to promote a release of powerful hormones that help combat that depression that people can get in the winter, especially when it’s really dark when you first wake up and it starts getting dark at 4:30 at night! Maybe you live in a place where you’re not seeing a lot of sun. So, it’s going to combat your mood and make you feel better overall.

“Cold Weather Running Tip” #4: It’s going to strengthen your heart. How’s it gonna do this? Well, your heart is having to work harder to distribute that blood flow through your body when it’s cold out. Since your heart is having to work a little bit harder, and you’re really training your cardiovascular system a lot more in the cold.

“Cold Weather Running Tip” #5: It’s going to actually make you stay in shape, especially during the month of December when we’re all eating extra calories from holiday parties and extra cookies and goodies. So, instead of waiting ’til January to set those New Year’s resolutions and get back in shape, you can actually stay in shape if you keep running in the months of November, December, and January.

So, those are five quick tips and reasons why I continue it to get up and go running, especially when it’s cold out and reasons to stay motivated. To put yourself at a lower risk for injury, you want to make sure that you’re doing a proper warm-up of at least 10 minutes prior to and a cool-down after your run, which is especially important in colder weather. Click here to learn about some other ways to keep your winter runs enjoyable.

If you do find yourself with any nagging injuries, you want to make sure you find the right info. Go online at www.level4pt.com, and we have a bunch of free tips reports on knee pain or back pain, therefore, you can get your questions answered. You can also give us a call at 760-503-4440, and we’d be happy to talk to you. So, happy running and have a great winter.

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Dawn Andalon, DPT, MTC, CPI

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