LEVEL4 Core Values

Team Level4

Our Passion

To help people solve their problems by making the best decisions about their health, while serving our clients with the highest caliber in mind that is missing from the traditional medical model.

Our Vision

To help Active People Overcome Injury and Maximize Sport and Life Performance… So They Can Continue Doing All the Things They You Love.

Our Mission Statement

We’re not just committed to injury rehab, wellness, sport and life performance.  We recognize our responsibility to the world – to better the lives of our clients, our team members and the communities we serve, and to inspire others to do the same.  This commitment to inspiring humanity is how we do business every day.

  • Person first, client second ALWAYS treat them like Friends and Family.
  • Client Focus It’s ALWAYS about them.
  • Integrity  We believe character matters all the time.
  • Empathy Listen, emotionally connect with transparency, dignity and respect.
  • Excellence Doing things so well that people will notice and remember you.
  • Courage Challenging the status quo and finding new ways to empower our clients with their long-term health.
  • Leadership Embrace and drive change for a better future.
  • Community Creating an environment of like-minded individuals who value their health.
  • Lasting Relationships Make an impact on as many lives as possible.
  • Humor Create fun while doing serious work.
  • Teamwork Together we make the difference.
  • Passion We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.

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