How to Find the Best TRICARE Physical Therapy Provider for You



As an active duty or retired military member, it may be hard to find a TRICARE physical therapy provider off base or know what your TRICARE insurance plan does and does not cover. Many active duty military members and their spouses don’t know that they have options when it comes to their healthcare benefits off base!

At LEVEL4 PT & Wellness, we’re the leading Tricare provider experts for physical therapy in San Diego’s North County. Our goal is to give you some tips that will help relieve & treat pain, improve mobility, and help you avoid and/or treat common injuries of active military members and their family members.

Why Does It Matter Where You Go For Care?

There are a number of options for clinics you can go to, but if you want specialty care and to get the RESULTS you are looking for, that is our specialty.  We are able to deliver this because of a few reasons. We are considered a specialty clinic that works outside of most insurance plans, except for Tricare.

Here you can find the list of providers in your area, which includes our location in Encinitas, CA:

We do this because we want to serve those who serve our country!

Our clinic is considered a specialty clinic because we primarily work with sports injuries (tendonitis, Post-op ACL, shoulder pain, back pain) or women’s health issues (moms dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction/postnatal issues).  We are not “general” physical therapy, meaning you will not just get a piece of paper with band exercises or be passed off to an aide who is not a doctor of physical therapy. And don’t think that just sticking needles in you with dry needling is going to get you the results!  We expect our clients to work hard with us, you will get specialized hands-on care and therefore you will get the RESULTS. Since we don’t use aides or assistants, you are seen 1-1 for an hour with the Doctor of Physical Therapy (another reason other clinics may not get the outcomes we do).  We also get you in to be seen within 48 hrs, which means no wait to get back in action quickly!

Until 2018, the options for physical therapy services for active military members were either confusing, limited, or both. But thanks to a new bill effective January 1st, 2018, military members now have more options for care. HealthNet TRICARE coverage has been extended to locations other than on base for active military members.

What Does That Mean For You as a Tricare Beneficiary

No more jumping through ten hurdles to receive care, no more having to wait months to be seen, and a healthier/happier military.

If you are an active military member (or a spouse of an active duty or retired military member) your coverage extends to off-base clinics such as LEVEL4 PT & Wellness. You can be treated at our facility by our highly trained Doctors of Physical Therapy.

How Can I Do This?

First, discuss this with your primary care manager you are assigned to so you can get the referral for physical therapy and request to be referred to a specialist.  We are considered “in network” with Tricare, therefore once you are authorized by Tricare you will only be responsible to pay for your co-pay (ranging from ($0-41) depending on the type of Tricare plan you have. If you are successful at getting the referral and tell them you want LEVEL4 to be your provider, we will get an authorization faxed to us from TriCare with your information – the diagnosis, the number of visits, and any additional specifications. It’s a very streamlined process, but once you get it authorized, we are up and running!  This way once we get the referral we will call you to schedule your first appointment ASAP. No waiting, and you can get back to doing what you love faster…

We pride ourselves in our ability to give back to the military and their families. You can find more information about what we do for Tricare beneficiaries here »

Each insurance plan is unique, but the majority of the time you only need authorization for physical therapy (regardless of the name or the location of the place authorized) to be seen immediately.

Our friendly front office staff can walk you through step-by-step what you’ll need in order to be covered for care at our facility.  If you have any questions about this process, just call us directly at 760-503-4440 or reach out to us at so we can verify your benefits and get you scheduled to get back to active duty (or for a spouse)…the activity you love to do!

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Dawn Andalon, DPT, MTC, CPI

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