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Helping Busy Mothers END The Frustration of Postnatal Issues Like "Leaking" During Exercise, Diastasis Recti, Back Pain or Painful Sex... That Will Work Whether You Gave Birth Weeks, Months, Or Even Years Ago!

Watch this 2 minute video where Dr. Dawn explains exactly how LEVEL4 PT & Wellness helps people like you!

Dr. Dawn D. Andalon - Women's Health Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Specialist in Encinitas, CA

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Simple stretches to help Pregnancy aches and pains...


Cat / Camel Stretch

Piriformis Stretch on Box

Do you want to know the BEST Exercises to implement for recovery 0-3 weeks postpartum (safe for vaginal deliveries and C-section births)?


Diaphragmatic Breathing

Sidelying Thoracic Rotation

Dr. Dawn Andalon

Dr. Dawn Andalon

More About LEVEL4 Women's Health Team

Dr. Dawn D. Andalon is a Leading Women’s Health Specialist. She has been featured in expert health and fitness columns in magazines, blogs, and podcasts. She is trained extensively in Pelvic floor and Postnatal Care, and an author of a best-selling book for moms, called BEYOND NINE MONTHS, available on Amazon.

Dawn talks regularly at industry workshops and runs her own Postnatal Recovery Coaching Series at various locations around Southern CA. Each studio is regularly attended by new Moms wanting a safe and effective return to pre- pregnancy health, strength and energy.

You Can Also Follow LEVEL4 Women's Health On Instagram:  @womenshealth_L4

And Here’s What Some Other People Think About The Postnatal Specialist Help (...And Advice) They Got From Dr. Dawn…

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Listen To What Adrianne Has To Say...

"I waited because I just didn’t know what to do – the other PT clinic didn’t help me at all and it was my Mom who started asking around and we got recommended to see Dr. Dawn…she and all the team at Level4 are great and really helped me overcome my back pain. Thank you! "

Amy 34, Carlsbad

"My problems with SI and back pain started at 20 weeks – and only got worse. The doctor told me it would just go away, but that didn’t happen. I was recommended to see Dr. Dawn by someone at work and I told her my priority was to be able to lift my child without pain. I achieved that and now I’m feeling much better than I ever thought possible."

Jennifer Age 32, Vista

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