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For Those Serious About Their Fitness... Whether You Are A Runner, Barbell Athlete, Surfer, Golfer Or An Active Individual, Who Wants To Be Shown The Quickest Way To Get On Top.

Personal And Group Training With Clinical Precision

In Just 18 Pages We’ll SHOW You 15 Of The Best Tips That Will Start You In The Direction Of Performance Results From San Diego’s Top Sports and Human Performance Physical Therapists at LEVEL4 PT & Wellness.

Individualized Attention To Achieve Your Goals

Having one-on-one sessions allows all the attention to focus on you, which gives you faster results to meet your goals.  We also offer small group sessions that still allow you to work towards your goals and allows you work with a friend or loved one, achieve your fitness goals together.  Our certified trainers dedicate 100% of their attention to you, giving you the perfect mix of fitness with clinical precision.

You will first be run through a movement assessment and screening to determine what your program needs to focus on.  Every client will have different needs based on the assessment and screening, allowing for individualized programming to help you reach your goals.  Training can focus on mobility, flexibility and strength through a full range of motion.  Core stability and strengthening are integral components of any injury prevention, rehabilitation or sports performance program.  A strong core provides a dynamic link between the upper and lower body, alleviating excess stress on your peripheral joints.  Sports specific training is integrated as necessary to improve your athleticism.

With integration of the core musculature with shoulder girdle and hip joints, it serves to improve overall flexibility and strength, with increased body awareness translating to sport activity. During training, emphasis is always on proper execution, correct body alignment to allow athletes to access each part of the body individually, and become familiar with their functional mechanics.

With fitness and performance training, athletes can hit the ball farther, run faster, jump higher, enhance swing mechanics, all while cutting down their injury risk. Let LEVEL4 PT & Wellness take you to the next level with fitness and sports performance training.  ​​​​​​​

Support From A Great Community

We have very like-minded clients, who are goal driven and want the results.  When you get them all into the same room, they are always pushing each other to be better.  And what is even better than that, they come early to class to catch up or talk about the night they had together and then they stay late for a coffee or kombucha and figure out what the next outing will be.  It's about community and work to make a fun environment.

Boost Your Energy Level Throughout The Day

When you correctly execute a workout program, even if you are tired from the session, you will have more energy throughout your day.  More energy for being focused at work, to keep up with your kids, and participate in sports you have always wanted to be in.  Don't let yourself be exhausted and tired throughout your days because you lack the right exercise program for you.

Feel More Confident In All Facets of Your Life

Let's face it... When you look good, you feel good!  And when you feel good, you become more confident in yourself.  You feel that way because you exude confidence in how you carry yourself each day.  Having the strength in your body gives you the ability stand up strongly and not let anything get in your way.

Become The Envy of All Your Friends

When you get together with your friends, they will want to talk about you... How good you look and feel!  Your friends will want to know your secrets on how you have become so successful, able to stay up with everyone, stay injury free, and participate in every activity you want without limitations.  That ability is achieved only by hard work, done consistently, over time.  We want you to achieve that, so we work hard for you.

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Athleticism Takes Many Forms

At LEVEL4, we are obsessive about human performance. With decades of research and our relentless pursuit of the best training methods, we combine tested and proven training methodology with the latest and most innovative techniques to produce the best results possible. We have a simple belief that training programs should be created to help individuals of every athletic ability achieve their goals and reach their full potential in their sport. The fundamentals and structure of our programs are designed to optimize the fitness goals or athletic performance of any individual or athlete on the court, track, field, or ice.

A Program For All Active Individuals

At LEVEL4, our programs are designed to bring out the potential in every individual or athlete. We base all our training on years of research and scientific data. Our goal is to build a movement foundation from the ground up so we can focus your training towards any sport, any field, or any goal.  Our promise is the make you move better than ever before.

LEVEL4 provides fitness and sports performance training programs, biomechanics analysis, on location sports medicine, sports physical therapy and injury prevention programs for active individuals to build the fundamentals for human movement, and then maintain superior levels of movement proficiency and athletic performance. With local and national presence, LEVEL4 serves fitness and sport activities, including athletes in San Diego and Orange County, and high performance professional athletes, nationally.

Programs To Take You To The Next Level

FOUNDATION PHASE - Designed to introduce each individual to all areas of fitness or athletic development in a fun & positive training environment. We focus on increasing movement awareness, coordination, speed and agility. This portion of the programming sets up a solid  foundation and establishes the building blocks of human movement, resulting in superior athleticism for all sports.

CORRECTION PHASE - This portion of the programming is designed to identify and correct any areas that can be impacting your ability to move efficiently.  Whether it is due to muscle flexibility deficits, stability musculature weakness, or joint movement restrictions, we will design the program focused on your needs. We work on developing flexibility to improve movement efficiency issues, as well as continuing to work on enhancing speed, strength, power, agility & stamina.

DEVELOPMENT PHASE - You have to stand out from the crowd so you can’t do what everyone else is doing. Metrics and on-the-field performance are important when competing for starting positions. In this portion of the programming, we elevate the difficulty of movement and focus on speed, strength, stamina, biomechanics, and preparation for the next stage of your career.

PERFORMANCE PHASE - Designed to train individuals of any sport in the techniques & mechanics of linear speed. We focus specifically on taking you to the next level in fitness and improving maximum velocity. Individuals will learn the appropriate movement patterns & technique necessary to have a more explosive first step and improve straight-ahead acceleration and top end speed.

We Focus On Results… Your Results

A solid foundation that involves speed and quickness, weight training, nutrition, recovery, physical therapy and year-round remote support could be what you need to become the athlete you strive to be.

Whether you need to run faster, fly higher, move quicker or go further, our individualized performance programs are specifically planned to help you reach your personal athletic goals.

Every sport begins with the same fundamentals of speed, agility, strength, stamina and flexibility. LEVEL4 prepares each individual or athlete to compete at the highest level by focusing on the specific skill sets you want to improve. Utilize our proven methods to improve your fitness performance, reduce your risk of injury, and prolong your professional career. Anybody can make you sweat... We’ll show you the results you want with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative, tried and true training techniques. 

LEVEL4 can help you reach your fitness or athletic potential and goals.

What People Are Saying About LEVEL4 Performance Training Programs...

"I heard about LEVEL4 Performance through a family friend. After having 3 meniscus knee surgeries and one labrum shoulder surgery, before the age of 20, I knew I needed specialists  that would push me. My shoulder was weak and had limited range of motion after surgery while my knee was restricting me from playing collegiate soccer or running just a few miles. I was going to physical therapy at my local hospital and it was not enough. I needed professional, personalized care and that's what I got with LEVEL4."

Martin D.
Martin D. 22, Coranado

"LEVEL4 has really helped me improve in a lot of ways... speed, strength and just my mentality has grown a lot about wanting to play soccer...  It's a great program and you learn a lot about the different thing that they do differently from the rest. Within a few weeks I noticed I got stronger on the ball, I was getting into tackles harder and I was putting up a fight more than what I used to. Thank you!!"

Titus 17, Carlsbad, Sage Creek High School

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