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We Help Women Reclaim Confidence in Their Body & Boost Their Energy... While Easing Frustrating Aches And Pains

Personal And Group Training With Clinical Precision

In Just 18 Pages We’ll SHOW You 15 Of The Best Tips That Will Start You In The Direction Of Fitness Results From San Diego’s Top Sports and Performance Physical Therapists at LEVEL4 PT & Wellness.

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Individualized Attention To Achieve Your Goals

Having one-on-one sessions allows all the attention to focus on you, which gives you faster results to meet your goals.  We also offer small group sessions that still allow you to work towards your goals and achieve your fitness goals together with a like-minded community and no intimidation.  Our physical therapists dedicate 100% of their attention to you, giving you the perfect mix of fitness with clinical precision.

You will first be run through a movement assessment and screening to determine what your program needs to focus on which keeps it customized to your goals and your body's needs.  Every client will have different needs based on the assessment and screening, allowing for more effective programming to help you reach your goals.  Training can focus on mobility, flexibility and strength through a full range of motion.  Core stability and strengthening are integral components of any injury prevention, to progress past your rehab experience to optimize what your body is capable of.

Let LEVEL4 PT & Wellness take you to the next level with fitness training whether your goals include weight loss, increased strength, more flexibility, improved fitness level needing accountability, or to keep your pain from ever coming back!

Support From A Great Community

We have very like-minded clients, who are goal driven and want the results.  When you get them all into the same room, they are always pushing each other to be better.  And what is even better than that, they come early to class to catch up or talk about the night they had together and then they stay late for a coffee or kombucha and figure out what the next outing will be.  It's about community and work to make a fun environment.

Boost Your Energy Level Throughout The Day

When you correctly execute a workout program, even if you are tired from the session, you will have more energy throughout your day.  More energy for being focused at work, to keep up with your kids, and participate in sports you have always wanted to be in.  Don't let yourself be exhausted and tired throughout your days because you lack the right exercise program for you.

Feel More Confident In All Facets of Your Life

Let's face it... When you look good, you feel good!  And when you feel good, you become more confident in yourself.  You feel that way because you exude confidence in how you carry yourself each day.  Having the strength in your body gives you the ability stand up strongly and not let anything get in your way.

Become The Envy of All Your Friends

When you get together with your friends, they will want to talk about you... How good you look and feel!  Your friends will want to know your secrets on how you have become so successful, able to stay up with everyone, stay injury free, and participate in every activity you want without limitations.  That ability is achieved only by hard work, done consistently, over time.  We want you to achieve that, so we work hard for you.

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A Program For All Active Individuals

At LEVEL4, our programs are designed to bring out the potential in every individual. We base all our training on research and scientific data. Our goal is to build a movement foundation from the ground up so we can focus your training towards any activity or any goal.  Our promise is the make you move better than ever before.

We Focus On Results… Your Results

Utilize our proven methods to improve your fitness performance, reduce your risk of injury, and prolong your health. Anybody can make you sweat... We’ll show you the results you want with state-of-the-art programs and innovative, tried and true training techniques. 

LEVEL4 can help you reach your fitness or athletic potential and goals.

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