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Congratulations on coming to this page!!  Someone out their believes you have a specific problem that we have a solution for. We always say the biggest "THANKS" is a referral of a friend or loved one.  We think of it as changing people's lives... One client at a time.

Below you will find our FREE tips reports and testimonies from previous clients who are back to doing the things they love.  They were once in your shoes... Now free of the nagging pains they once had.  To obtain one of our FREE tips reports that can help you make an even better health decision about what is going on, just click on one or more of  the links below.  IF you click on the picture books, it will take you to the specific page of each of the following: low back, neck / shoulder, and knee. If you have any immediate questions, please email us at or call us at 760-503-4440.

What Others Are Saying About Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance


Dr. Oscar helped me rehab my back and improved my overall body awareness! He has an incredible amount of knowledge and was lucky to have him as my PT!

Dion K.

Absolute best PT in town. Pains that I never thought would go away, resolved. You won't be disappointed.

Mike V.

I've been broken many times but Dr. Oscar has put me back together better than ever. He tirelessly works to correct your mechanics and form and sets you up for progression to the next level and to train smarter so you can avoid that next injury.

Sean L.

I truly am thankful to of found Dr. Dawn. Her motivating attitude, attention to detail, high level skill set, experience, and goal orientation gets you where you need to be... fast. Thank you for getting me back! Truly one of the very best PT's out there!

Robin B.

I have had to have a great deal of physical therapy for various problems over the last decade and honestly believe that it is only because of the fantastic physical therapy that I received from Dr. Chris Ingstad that I am able to lead the active life I do. Dr. Chris is extremely skilled, extremely knowledgeable, and extremely caring--I honestly looked forward to my PT appointments with him. You can't do better.

Gloria W.

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If you are ready to move forward and speak with one of our PT specialists in person or over the phone, please click on the blue "Start Your Free Discovery Visit" button.  A Discovery Visit is a FREE visit where we will discuss you problem, we will inform you of what we will do to help, and you discover what is going on.  Please watch the video below to learn more about the discovery visit.

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If you would prefer to speak with one of PT specialists on the phone, we are happy to arrange this. This will give us an opportunity to learn about you and answer your questions about your specific problem. To speak on the phone, you will need to fill out the simple form after you click on the blue button below that states, "Talk To A Physical Therapy Specialist On The Phone". We will call you back shortly. If the concern is more urgent, please call our office directly at 760-503-4440.

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Some More Of What Others Think About Level4 Physical Therapy

Dr. Dawn Andalon truly cares about her patients, and she is passionate about women's health and resolving issues related to pregnancy. After my first session with her to address my diastasis recti from pregnancy, I felt an immediate difference and greater strength in my abdominal area. I am hoping that physical therapy with Dr. Dawn will negate the need for surgery.

Amy H.

I was having terrible back pain, but Dr. Dawn helped me modify my workout which relieved my pain quickly. I worked with her for an hour without being passed off to an assistant, which I really appreciated! I would highly recommend!!

Connie L.

It is hard to explain how thankful I am to have received physical therapy from Dr. Oscar Andalon. His patience, ability to adapt, capability to fully listen to my issues, identify the problems, and good nature set him apart from everyone else I have ever worked with.

Ryan P.

Dr. Ingstad is an amazing physical therapist. He has helped me with several injuries over the years, but the one I am most thankful for was when I was running the Boston Marathon. Three days before my trip to Boston, I could barely walk due to severe pain of my left foot. Dr. Ingstad was able to evaluate and treat me the day before I left. With an hour session he identified the cause of my symptoms, treated me with manual therapy techniques, educated me on how to self-treat during the race, and educated my travel partner on manual therapy techniques in case I needed more treatment before the race. Two days later I was able to complete the marathon. I went from barely any weight on my left foot with just one step to running 26.2 miles thanks to Dr. Ingstad.

Adria B.