Neck/Shoulder Pain Self-Assessment

Neck and/or shoulder pain can be either something that probably limits your currently ability to be active, or perhaps something that you are unsure about what to do at this point.  Maybe you can't workout, swim, play with your grandkids or even surf the waves on our San Diego beaches. This is usually when people start asking Google what to do in search of information.  Maybe even asking friends or loved ones what to do. We are here to tell you their are answers to your problem.

We put together this self-assessment for people who are looking for information about neck / shoulder pain. Within this assessment, you will be asked specific questions that relate to your neck / shoulder pain. And based off of your answers, you will be given the best information for your situation.  It is not meant to give you a diagnosis, but help you understand where you might be at with your injury or your desire to prevent it from happening.

So start by clicking the green button above to answer the questions to the best of your abilities... Then you will enter your information into the simple form to see your results.  Your results will be emailed to you along with some additional supportive information for you.  So go ahead... Click the green button above to get started!