How Pilates Will Increase Tone, Flexibility, Posture, and Build A Healthy Back

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Pilates for Rehab

Training will focus on mobility, flexibility and strength through a full range of motion which can help restore the injured area to a healthy state if used in the rehab stage. Core strengthening is an integral component of any injury prevention, rehabilitation or sports performance program. A strong core provides a dynamic link between the upper and lower body, alleviating excess stress on the peripheral joints.

Our physical therapists will guide you through Pilates-bases exercises to help you reduce or eliminate pain, prevent future injury, improve posture and promote fitness. As we train you in therapeutic Pilates techniques, you will learn how to reach your goals by appropriately recruiting your muscles and producing efficient, safe movement.  Excellent to beat the daily stresses of desk sitters!
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 Pilates For 
Sports Conditioning

Pilates is one of the BEST forms of conditioning to enhance athletic performance.  With integration of the core musculature with shoulder girdle and hip joints, it serves to improve overall flexibility and strength, with increased body awareness translating to sport activity. Emphasis on proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment allow athletes to access each part of the body individually, and become familiar with their functional mechanics.

With Pilates training, athletes can hit the ball farther, run faster, jump higher, enhance swing mechanics, all while cutting down their injury risk. Let Level4 Physical Therapy & Performance take you to the next level with Pilates.  
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