Alison Shadzi

Marketing Assistant

Alison is fascinated with human connection, movement therapy, and is proactive in preventive wellness. As a health advocate, she is passionate about helping people have the most empowering and healthy experience in their own unique bodies.

She has experience in digital media and customer service, at times you may see her snapping pictures or videos at LEVEL4 to capture the fun culture through her creativity.

Alison also has a passion for Pilates and is working towards her comprehensive Pilates Instructor training through Balanced Body and holds a B.S. Nutrition degree - all that's to say, is talking about health, the human body, influences of exercise and fitness, and everything in between comes pretty naturally for her. With her enthusiasm, empathy, and creativity, she turns every workday into an opportunity to learn something new and make the world just a little better by sharing and spreading positivity with her community through digital media.


  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • Art & Fashion
  • Hiking and exploring the great outdoors with her husband and three children


  • Foods & Nutrition, San Diego State University
  • Peer Health Educator - Sexual Health
  • Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Program, Instructor in training