Kelsey Reyes

Client Care Coordinator/Massage Therapist

With a massage background specializing in pain management and sports massage Kelsey has experience guiding clients back from injury, enhancing their athletic performance, helping people get out of chronic pain, and relishes the challenge of each. She has been a competitive athlete for more than 15 years and knows the difference regular massage and bodywork can make in both daily life and athletic endeavours. Kelsey is passionate about bringing individualized care whether it be solutions to chronic pain, recovery from injury, or long-term athletic performance. 

As a life-long athlete born and raised in San Diego, the idea of “movement as medicine” has been an integral part of Kelsey’s journey into integrative bodywork. She grew frustrated with the current healthcare system due to a chronic shoulder injury in which countless doctors, physical therapists, pills and injections promised relief and gave none. In fact, it was this realization made as a Pre-Physical therapy major that made her turn to massage and holistic medicine as a career path. After excelling in massage school and taking over a professor’s practice in Encinitas, she began to explore more eastern medicine, including cupping and energy work.

When she elected to have rotator cuff surgery in early 2017 it was imperative that she incorporate as much holistic and integrative sports medicine as possible. Having experienced the success of a proactive and integrative approach to injury and sports medicine first hand she became an avid student of it, going back to school to study more integrative medicine.

In her professional career she has a wide and varied range of experience in both pain management and sports performance. Her clients have run in age from 16 to 101 years old and with experience from hospice care and medically fragile, Military special forces to NFL rookies. This professional experience and personal journey have given her the ability to connect with her clients both on and off the table and make her an exceptional problem solver and goal setter.


  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified in 1:1 PNF assisted stretching