Lynn Sanelli

Lynn Sanelli is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching since 2003.  She enjoys teaching many styles of yoga including vinyasa flow style yoga and yin yoga, which focuses on the joints and connective tissue.  Also, she is certified in mat pilates focusing on core strength.  Lynn finds that pilates can enhance one’s yoga practice.

As a former marathoner and triathlete, Lynn turned to yoga and pilates 25 years ago after repeated tendon injuries and found these practices realigned, opened and healed her body a well as increasing flexibility.   She soon realized yoga is much more than physical therapy and embraced the practice for several years before beginning a teaching career.   Since adding a regular yoga practice to her almost daily runs, she has been injury free.  Lynn enjoys taking this knowledge to her classes.

Lynn’s love and passion for yoga shines through her teaching.  Her presence in the classroom is energetic, yet gentle, and she encourages a safe exploration of the asanas, while nurturing inner wisdom.  Providing support and attention to proper body mechanics and alignment, she encourages students to safely open their bodies and hearts.  Her classes, which address all levels of practitioners, are creative, fun and invite the students to challenge themselves, build strength  and increase endurance, so that ultimately they are empowered and transformed.


  • Yoga Certification from Nosara Yoga Institute
  • Costa Rica Mat Pilates from Synergy Pilates, Encinitas


  • Running
  • Biking
  • Yoga
  • Decorating
  • Gardening
  • Hanging with her 3 cats