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All of these clients started off with a simple call back from our team... And see how happy they are NOW!!

"I want to brag about all that they did for her, but it's just too much to write. To sum it up, I can confidently say they went above and beyond. My mom has depression so when it came to the recovery process she had very little motivation. She was ready to give up and accept an arm stuck in flexion. However, I can gladly say that she did not have to settle for that thanks to Level 4. My mom really enjoyed working with them and is even happier with her results. Not only are they very skilled and knowledgeable in their field of work, but they really do care for you as a person. Can't thank them enough!"

Kelsey. L
Kelsey. L 24, Oceanside

"Level4 PT was highly recommended to me after I had a rotator cuff injury. So relieved I made the decision to bypass the emergency room when the injury happened. Upon arriving at Level 4, I was immediately cared for in a professional manner to help relieve the intense pain (that went away with less than a week) and began doing recommended exercises to slowly get my full mobility back in the shoulder within 3 mos. (During my PT, they also alleviated the pain I was experiencing in my neck for the past fews years from another injury). I am so happy to be completely pain free and also got my shoulder mobility back. I encourage anyone to visit Level4 PT before anything else! Thank you again to Dr. Chris, Dr. Oscar, Dr. Dawn and the whole team at Level4."

Melissa. D
Melissa. D 50, Coronado

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