Why Us

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Why Us?

How Cash-Based / Self-Pay Physical Therapy Can Save You Time & Money

Returning to the core of what we are supposed to do when given
the privilege to take care of others.

1. Everyone Is Welcomed. All clients, insured or uninsured, in-network or out-of-network, are welcome. Clients are not neglected because of their insurance carrier.

2. No Third Party Dictating Treatment. Taking insurance middlemen out of the equation allows us to present           ourselves as empathetic professionals who understand the true cost of healthcare. We are not hung up in traditional third party reimbursement, therefore, we are doing what is best for our clients.

3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity. Allows us to focus on quality of care versus quantity of clients we see due to poor reimbursement and rising overhead costs.

4. No Insurance Interferences. We are free from outside interference to address the circumstances and needs of     each individual client.

5. No Hidden Fees. It allows for a more transparent pricing system. The harsh reality is health practitioners get paid whether they get results or not. We succeed where others practitioners have failed! We charge a flat fee for our sessions and won’t stop until we achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

6. Saves You Time. Spend less time driving to and from a clinic by not having to come in multiple scheduled visits for weeks and even months, which also reduces the overall cost in the long run.

7. See Us When You Need Us. You can see us directly within 24 hours as we are primary care musculoskeletal providers. No need to wait until you meet your deductible or authorization from an insurance provider. If     you live in a larger city, chances are you will need to wait to access PT. In a largely HMO dominated area, that wait could be as long as six to eight weeks.  Just think of what a nightmare it will be when you cannot sleep due to pain or unable to do the things you love to do or even just daily activities and have to wait that long       to see a medical provider.

8. No Restrictions. No third-party payer insurance companies restricting your visits and limiting you care; solely for the purpose to save money on their end.

9. Efficiency. We schedule one-on-one 30-60 minute sessions with a licensed Doctor of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy every visit compared to other rehab setting which schedule shorter treatment sessions with support staff.

10. Fast Results. Majority of the times our total average visits are half compared to the national average of 11-12 visits in a traditional PT model.

11. FREE Discovery Visit.  You get to sit down, one-on-one with a physical therapy specialist to discuss you personal concerns about your condition.  There is no paperwork to fill out and you leave with answers to your         questions.  If we decide to continue working with you, then we can get started on your road to recovery. Check out the video below or click on this link.

12. Better Outcomes. Typically, private practices offer many more training opportunities and PT’s in the private sector seek out the most up to date care and information. It is also easier for private practice PT’s to have specialty services at their clinics as they do not need to go through multiple levels of approval to do so, unlike larger hospitals or clinics. Additionally, certifications quantify experts in various areas. So if the price of PT is comparable or slightly more, why not chose that expert? They will most likely get you on the road to recovery sooner! This will save you in the long run on time off of work, attending visits, traveling to visits and monetarily.

13. Total Costs of Care. If a cash based PT $150/session gets you better in 4 visits ($600 total) and an insurance copay PT at $30-50/session gets you better in 12 visits ($600 in copays), the cash-based PT is less expensive in the long run, in both time and money. That $30-50 copay is what you see assuming everything else gets covered by your insurance. Your insurance is being billed hundreds/hour, typically at least $350 so add another $4200 onto your total cost of care for a grand total of $4550. What does that do to your future insurance rates? Well it will most likely increase them. Or even better, what if your insurance denies payment, who gets stuck with that bill? You do. If you try to use your insurance to pay for your healthcare, there is no guarantee they will pay for it. You get stuck with whatever difference the company does not pay which is most likely going to be more expensive in the long run. And don’t forget copays and deductibles are also on the rise (upwards of 25-35% increases in rates).

14. No Rules. OK that may not be entirely true. We still have laws and regulations to abide by as physical therapists. But, when we use your insurance, you may only be approved a couple visits. What if you are going to need more visits or a longer window of treatment and your insurance won’t cover it? Paying cash for physical therapy services puts you at the helm of determining what kind of care you need, not your             insurance company.

15. Money Back Guarantee. We are strongly confident in our ability to empower others to make the best decisions when it comes to injury prevention, rehabilitating from an injury, excelling in sports performance or overall health and wellness, we can offer a refund if our athletes/clients do not feel they received a valuable, efficient, effective and compassionate care every visit. Returning to the core of what we are supposed to do when given the privilege to take care of others.

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