Essential Reading For Women Aged 40+ Book by Dr. Dawn Andalon, DPT, MTC, CPI

It’s Never Too Late...

Learn the Hidden Truth About Aging & Menopause: Essential Reading For Women Aged 40+”

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(Learn the Secrets All Women Over 40 Need to Know!)

Are you Fed Up With the Physical Frustrations of Menopause That is Wearing You Down, Taking A Toll On Your Enjoyment Of Life?

Avoid Costly Mistakes And Get Clarity In The Very Clouded And Often Uncertain World Of Aging

Get Clarity on the Changes That Women Face in the Peri and Postmenopausal Stages in Life!

Inside “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE”, You’ll Discover...

  • Discover the real information and solutions behind the embarrassment an frustration of letting your bladder run your life
  • Little known secrets to maintaining independence and staying free from painkillers
  • The easiest way to lose weight and protect vital joints especially if you’re over 40
  • Why you are having pain with sex and what to do about it
  • Why age “40”, and sometimes “50”, is the age bracket that things, well, just go wrong - and the single best thing to do about it
  • Why flexibility can slow down aging no matter how old you are
  • How to heal your body successfully from a hysterectomy
  • How a 100-year-old exercise routine helps improve your posture, flexibility, strength, and balance while taking the stress off your joints
  • Why weight gain happens more quickly as we reach menopause
  • Why surgery for back pain isn’t always your best option
  • How to avoid surgery due to pelvic organ prolapse
  • The difference between movement and exercise and why it matters
  • And so much more inside!

Feel like yourself again-no matter what your age!

THERE’S NO promise that what Dr. Dawn reveals inside this book will work for you in the same way it has 1000’s of their clients. However, reading this book has to be better than spending another day thinking “it’s your age”, or worse yet, letting it stop you from the activities you love. If you are a woman over 40 who is in the peri or postmenopausal stage who need action steps to live a vibrant and active lifestyle… then it’s time to read this book.

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About the #1 Bestselling Author, Dr. Dawn Andalon

Dr. Dawn Andalon is a physical therapist, educator, author, and co-owner of LEVEL4 PT & Pilates in Encinitas, CA. She is known as a leading spine and postpartum women’s health specialist in the San Diego area. Prior to living in Carlsbad, CA, she worked at Nike WHQ in Portland, OR, as a physical therapist.

Dr. Dawn has also been a Pilates-based PT, which she has implemented with elite and Olympic athletes, surfers, and the weekend warrior to enhance their chosen sport and for rehab with spinal injuries. She is highly trained in pelvic floor rehab, holds a manual therapy certification from University of St. Augustine, and has special training with the female athlete population.

Dr. Dawn has a passion for postnatal care, serving as an educator to bridge the gap between labor/delivery and return to exercise, which is evident in this book.  She loves living by the beach with her husband (and co-owner), Dr. Oscar Andalon, and their two daughters.

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