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All of these clients started off with a simple call back from our team... And see how happy AND healthy they are NOW!!


"When I first met Dr. Chris Ingstad, I was six weeks post-op after shattering my tibial plateau, luxuriating my patella and spraining both of my ankles. His first question was, "What are your goals?" I responded that within one year, I wanted to do the Death Ride (130 mile cycling event, 15,000 feet of climbing in the California Eastern Sierras) and the Catalina Eco Marathon. Dr. Chris used every moment of that time to heal my wounds, strengthen my body and steel my mind for each challenge. He not only let me slay each goal, but he was at the start and finish of the Eco Marathon last year and one week after the accident. Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance. When you want the very best, reach for Dr. Chris and Level4!"

Greg O.
Greg O. Encinitas, CA

""You think you can sort it out for yourself, it comes and goes, but there comes a point when you think, well, I’ve been missing out now for 6 weeks, I’ve got to go and do something to get it looked at properly. Dr. Oscar and his team have helped me with Shoulder and Knee problems and get me going again quicker than any other way I’ve tried."

Dave Encinitas, CA

"At first you think you can just give it time, and then you realize it isn’t going to go work. Next you do the Google searches to find a decent Physical Therapy and then you realize when the problem is fixed and you’re back working out, that you wish you’d done it much sooner – just go and see Dr. Oscar and get it done right away!"

Louise Carlsbad, CA

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