3 Addictive Benefits of Running You Can’t Enjoy When You’re Hurt


With New Year’s now behind us, some people are in the groove to keeping commitments to their resolutions. Some people have included lifting weights while others give a go at running. Did you know that running can be addictive?  There were estimations of nearly 65 million runners took to the trails, streets and treadmills in…

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Drive the Ball Further and Straighter in Your Golf Game


In order to drive the ball further and combat a lot of the twisting and torque that happens to your body in golf, it is important to keep your body balanced and strong. There is a type of exercise that has shown to give golfers an edge and keep their body from breaking down…. Drive…

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Enjoy Great Health With 5 Scale-Free Ways to Track


Hopefully you haven’t already logged into your Amazon Prime account and bought a brand-new scale to help keep you on track. But if you have or you already dusted off your old one, that’s still okay…but, I have some great health advice for you. Ready?.. Throw that darn scale out your bathroom window. Just get…

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How Do You Know If Your Exercise Routine Is Going To Work for 2018

Bike Riding Exercise

With New Year’s around the corner, many people start talking about changing diets and exercise routines. As I eluded to a few weeks back, only 8% of Americans actually finish the goal they set out for themselves. So, the question is, how can you make your exercise routine work for you for 2018? We will…

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Why Cold Weather Running Is Good For You!

Winter Running

Here in San Diego, when it drops below about 60 degrees, we feel pretty cold. And I know that sounds funny but I’m going to share with you why getting up early in the morning and cold weather running, especially in December or January is going to actually benefit you. “Cold Weather Running Tip” #1:…

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5 Stay Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Chrismas

Ho. Ho. Ho. Dr. Oscar here from Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance. And I have 5 Stay Healthy Holiday Tips for you. Christmas!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? I don’t know about you, but when I see a gingerbread cookie I just can’t resist having one. Okay, maybe five. I mean, what’s not to…

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“Can You Believe Only 8% of People Do This?”

New Year

We are now in December of 2017 and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is alive and well. Over the last couple weeks, we’ve actually had some of our clients starting to talk about New Year’s resolutions and trying to come up with some things that they can do. So, I thought it would…

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What is the Best Way to Stay Fit Over 40?

Here are some of the best things that you can do to stay fit over 40, and why this type of exercise is really going to benefit you? Well, as we age, we lose flexibility in our joints and our soft tissue. We also have changes in our coordination and balance, as well as our…

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4 Daily Habits That Reduce Back Stiffness

Reduce Back Pain

I wanted to share with you my answer to a common question I recently was asked about stiffness in the lower back and what to do about it. This question comes from Craig, who’s a 54-year-old business consultant from Del Mar, California. He travels a lot for work and loves golfing two to three times…

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How We Helped This Client Prove His Medical Doctor Wrong

Man Hiking with Dog

I wanted to share a quick story with you about how we helped ease the frustration of one of our clients due to the advice he received from his medical doctor. This helped him from having to move out of his own home, and ultimately proved his doctor wrong. So my story is about Richard,…

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