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Category Archives: Neck/Shoulder Pain

These blog posts are related to “neck / shoulder pain”.

PRP Injections: Why Physical Therapy Plays A Key Role In Your Success

PRP Injection Physical Therapy

I wanted to answer an email I received this past summer from one of our clients, Jackie 64, from Encinitas, CA, who asked about Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP injections); a popular topic we get asked by our clients at LEVEL4 Physio-Wellness-Performance. “Dr. Oscar, do you have any advice for someone like me who’s still in a…

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Why Is It My Shoulder Hurts Only With Movement … But Feels Fine At My Side? [Updated]

We originally wrote this article way back in July 2017 about why you might have a situation where your shoulder hurts only with movement.  It really resonated with a lot of people. There were so many people who came to our website because of this article. Even today, everyone wants to know why their shoulder…

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Live Free From Painkillers

Let’s connect the dots and get you the clarity you’ve been looking for. Do you want to live free from painkillers? Living while taking painkillers for a long period of time is not real living. Experts say the United States is in the throes of an opioid epidemic, with more than two million of Americans have…

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Surgery May Not Always Be Your Best Option … And The Decision Shouldn’t Just Lie With The Surgeon

Surgery may not always be your best option

Surgery May Not Always Be Your Best Option More than 15 million Americans undergo surgery each year, but there’s growing recognition that some elective operations may be more about the surgeon’s preference than about the patient’s need for the procedure, meaning surgery may not always be your best option. Never choose surgery without exploring nonsurgical options…

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Why Sitting is Taking Years Off Your Life… 4 Tips To Combat This!

Want to know why sitting is taking years off your life?  Read on to find out… I wanted to share a question that was recently asked by one of our amazing clients, Josh, who’s 48 years old from Del Mar, California. Now Josh asked me, “I recently read an article that says, ‘Americans are spending…

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Why Does My Shoulder Only Hurt When I Move My Arm, But Feels Fine At My Side?

Shoulder pain

Why Does My Shoulder Only Hurt When I Move My Arm… But Feels Fine At My Side?… This is one of the most common shoulder questions we get asked in the clinic. This week I had a question asked by one of our clients Brooke, 49, from Encinitas, who asked… “For the past several weeks…

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3 Secrets to Eliminate Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain are never any fun! In fact, it is the 8th leading cause for disability in the United States and 4th in the world. If the head is not held in the correct postural position, then it exerts about 3.6 times more force than it takes to stand upright with good posture.…

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