3 Secrets To Relieve Back Pain… AND What You Did Not Know About Your Warm-Up

Dynamic warm-up

Dynamic warm-up

One of the mistakes we often see in the clinic is that people come to us after struggling with their back injury for weeks, months and even sometimes years, is with their warm-up (or lack of it). As you get older, your tissues change and require more time to prepare for activity. And when we start digging into their history and try to discuss the causes of their injury, we find one thing in common… The lack of a regimented warm-up program. They often jump into riding, running, or lifting, to name a few, without a proper warm-up.

And we are not talking about just bending down to touch your toes or pulling your ankle to your butt, but an actual 10-15 minute routine to prepare you for the activity ahead. If you are like most people, you likely fall into this category because warming up is not “Sexy.” To most, it’s monotonous and, frankly, does not do much for you… BUT that is an incorrect mindset.  It is even a common culprit to a lot of these low back injuries.

So what do you need to do? We will give you 3 secrets to give you an exciting, proper warm-up and relieve back pain!

Be Dynamic

Dynamic means you must be moving. Static is the state of being still. When you do stretches like bend down and touch your toes and hang there, you are actually “lulling” your nervous system to sleep (literally telling it “It’s ok, relax… this stretch is not going to hurt you”). I’m not saying that static stretching does not have its place (they work great for increasing flexibility), but as a warm-up, you should steer clear.

Being dynamic could mean a lot of different things for people and will largely depend on the activity you are preparing for. If you are going for a 3-mile run, then doing linear (forwards and backwards) movements is beneficial. If you are going to play soccer or basketball, then incorporating lateral (side to side and cutting) movements is very important.  So, what we are saying is you need to do a warm-up that is matching of the sport/activity you are going to be doing. Need some ideas, check out this video link .

Click On This Link To Receive More Information About Easing Your Back Pain.

Click On This Link To Receive More Information About Easing Your Back Pain.

Do Big Movements

When we say do big movements, it does not mean you should do anything too crazy… But you do need to take your joints and muscles through a large range of motion. By doing this, you create increased muscle firing and elongation, you spark up your nervous system, and because the movements are controlled and not sustained, it will increase your bodies metabolic activity. They are also repeated several times over in a short time period. Some of the movements incorporate balance elements, which you absolutely need to move efficiently as a human. Need some ideas, check out this video link .

Move Slow… Then Quick

Like anything we learn in life, it needs to start off slow and controlled and then once you have good quality movement in place, then you can begin to pick up the speed. The same goes for a dynamic warm-up. The movements should start slow and then progress to quicker movements by the end. Why is it race car drivers first turn on the engine in the garage and then again in the pits and then start driving slowly in preparation for the race? Should we consider ourselves any different? If you said no, then hopefully you are understanding what we are saying. Start slow and progress too quick. It is safer and efficient for you as a human to perform at your peak. Need some ideas, check out this video link .

We know that low back pain is not fun.  It can be painful and sometimes debilitating, but you can take measures to reduce your risk… The dynamic warm-up is part of that.  At LEVEL4 Physio-Wellness- Performance, we are passionate about helping active people remain active and improving our client’s performance to minimize risk into the future with injuries. We take a proactive approach to the way we treat clients, and it often starts with teaching someone how to warm-up properly.

We are here to help and guide you along your fitness, rehab and performance goals.  If your pain persists for more than 7-10 days without improvement and you are left struggling with staying active, please let us help you get back to being mobile, independent and free of painkillers and risky surgery.  We have solutions to these problems, which we hear about everyday from other clients. Please call us at 760-503-4440 if you would like more information about how we can help with low back pain.  You can also click on the the link above or below to get started with answers on low back pain.  We offer a free report on how to get you moving in the right direction. We will help you get to the next level!

Dedicated to your health,

Dr. Chris Ingstad

Click On This Link To Receive More Information About Easing Your Back Pain.

Chris Ingstad, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, ATC, FAAOMPT

Performance Physical Therapist at Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance
Dr. Chris Ingstad is a nationally-known Physical Therapist and Co-Founder of Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance, San Diego’s Leading Specialist Private Physical Therapy and Human Performance Practice for People in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond, who value their health and want to remain active.

You might know Dr. Chris as a National Conference presenter on various rehabilitation topics, including on treating people with shoulder, neck and low back injuries. He also teaches at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in the Musculoskeletal track, where he brings clinical practice into the classroom for future physical therapists. He also is published in Jiu Jitsu Magazine and Coastal Newspaper on various areas, including low back and neck and shoulder injuries.

Dr. Chris’ background included working extensively with athletes with shoulder, knee and low back injuries, taking them from post-injury or post-operative to return to sport. He prides himself on the ability to get positive outcomes, even with difficult cases. Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance is now a large multi-physical therapist specialty practice in Encinitas, CA. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, golfing, hiking/camping, and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Chris Ingstad, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, ATC, FAAOMPT

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