6 Reasons Why You’re Always Feeling Tired… (And How To Prevent It)

6 Reasons Why You're Always Feeling Tired… (And How To Prevent It)

Do you often go through the day feeling sleepy, sluggish, and lethargic, even after a full night’s rest? Do you want to know the reasons why you’re always feeling tired?  While it’s common to occasionally feel tired during the day, persistent symptoms of daytime drowsiness could be linked to your sleep and health habits.

6 Reasons Why You're Always Feeling Tired… (And How To Prevent It)

There are a couple of possible reasons why you may be experiencing daytime drowsiness, and we want to help you better understand what you can do to start feeling bright-eyed and full of energy every day.


This is very important because people who are continually sleep-deprived not only tend to put on weight, but they go throughout their days always feeling tired; reaching for that pot of coffee to help them get through the day.

Maybe you’re feeling especially wiped out in spring or fall? It could be due to daylight savings time. Give your internal clock time to get used to the time change – this can take up to two weeks.

However, we frequently forget that our sleep rhythm also plays a crucial role. This means that if you constantly go to bed at different times (for example, because of shift-work), this can have a negative impact on your health (just like sleeping too little). I recommend using a simple sleeping app to help you analyze your sleeping patterns. There are so many to choose from.

And if the above in mention hasn’t stressed the importance of quality sleep, check out a previous blog written by our very own Dr. Dawn on Why Poor Sleeping Habits Lead to Alzheimer’s or Dementia…


Are there days when you forget to eat because there is too much to do? Eating too little leaves you feeling weak. But the same thing goes for eating too much, choosing unhealthy foods or following the “wrong” diet. If we consume a lot of simple carbohydrates (like white bread, sodas, and sweets), this can rob us of energy. Why? These foods provide the body with “empty” calories. Your blood sugar levels rise rapidly for a short time because the pancreas is pumping out insulin-like crazy. But soon they will fall as fast as they rose and this makes you sluggish. Fatty foods or meals place great demands on your body. Therefore, you should try to eat as balanced a diet as possible.

Another reason why you feel so sleepy could be that you are drinking too much coffee in the morning or throughout the day. Yes, it can make you tired! It’s true that coffee initially stimulates the production of adrenaline, but this only lasts a short while, leaving you feeling more tired afterward than you did before the cup of coffee. A lot doesn’t always mean a lot more energy.  It’s like taking one step forward to take two steps or even three backward.


Headaches or fatigue… These are just two of the effects of not drinking enough fluids. (And we are not talking about sugary sodas or coffee, but water and unsweetened tea). Did you know our bodies are predominately made of water? Skipping water does a lot more than leave you thirsty. Dehydrated cells don’t function as well, which means you feel sluggish and tired. Your ability to focus takes a nosedive, and even mild dehydration can make you feel really hungry… or shall we say “hangry”?

Thus, it is no surprise that we feel dead tired.


If we want more energy, we have to produce it ourselves. Exercise gets the heart pumping, boosts the metabolism and increases circulation. People who get too little exercise feel sluggish all the time.

A consistent workout routine can also help you sleep better. A study conducted by Stanford University came to the same conclusion as a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine: regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. Therefore, get moving! Try parking your car farther away, take the stairs instead of the elevator or do some bodyweight exercises on your next lunch break.

Two great weekly exercise routines to get into are weight lifting and Pilates.  Not only do these types of exercises help you gain more muscle tone and flexibility for your body, they also help get your heart pumping, boost your metabolism, increases circulation and so much more.

If you’d like to learn more about how weight training and Pilates are great for your overall health, please read two of our previous written blogs also written by our very own Dr. Dawn: “Why Flexibility Can Slow Down Aging… Despite Your Age!” and “What is the Best Way to Stay Fit Over 40?”.


In summer, you are bursting with energy. But as soon as the autumn and winter weather rolls around, you feel like just curling up in a ball in your warm and cozy bed because you’re so low-energy? Maybe you’re not getting enough light.  This was a major issue for us when we used to live in the rainy and gloomy Pacific Northwest – darkness causes the body to release the sleep hormone called Melatonin.

Therefore, make sure to spend as much time outside as possible. Even on cloudy days, you will get more light outside than in the office or in your home. Go for a walk on your next lunch break, or hold a walking meeting outside with your coworkers. And for anybody still living in the Pacific Northwest; another way to build up your energy reserves is to use a daylight lamp.


This is one area where it is difficult to escape from at times.  Your day will be filled up with an e-mail here, a call there, a notification on your cell phone… we are practically available all the time in this day and age. And that is incredibly stressful! People have never been swamped with so many stimuli as they are today. This can really wear your body down.

The reason is that our brain has to constantly decide which sensory impressions are important and which can be ignored. Without this essential mechanism, we would drown in a giant flood of information. The problem is the more stimuli the brain has to process, the harder it has to work.  Picture your brain sprinting uphill day in and day out.  Your brain gets exhausted as well and needs to recover.

Thus, the next time you are feeling lifeless or a bit dull, try taking a break from the internet and all the media around you. Sometimes, it helps to schedule regular e-mail times and turn your cell phone off in the evening.  Some phones even let you schedule in a breathing break throughout the day.  Yes, we have to be reminded to stop and breath at times.  It’s a sad world we are living in today, but the good news is, you can create habits to change all that and not let it affect you.

So, there you have it, 6 different things that can be causing you to feel tired throughout the day and what you can do to counteract them to help you feel great and more energized throughout the day.

If you find you are still struggling with fatigue, it may be due to an underlying health issue. A consult with our Naturopathic doctor may be the answer as she can run labs to find out what is truly going on!  Find out more by calling or texting us (virtual and in person options to get your personalized results) 760-503-4440.

Dedicated to your health,

Dr. Dawn

Dawn Andalon, DPT, MTC, CPI

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