How Do You Know If Your Exercise Routine Is Going To Work for You

Exercise Routine

With New Year’s around the corner, many people start talking about changing diets and exercise routines. As I eluded to a few weeks back, only 8% of Americans actually finish the goal they set out for themselves. So, the question is, how can you make your exercise routine work for you for this coming year? We will discuss 4 tips that you need to do to make this year a smashing success.

Exercise Routine

Needs to be Fun!

Who wants to exercise and NOT have fun? If you are riding a bike, running, lifting weights, or playing recreational sports, it has to be fun for you or you will fizzle out quickly. Make sure you take the time to help prepare your body before and after your activities. You should perform a dynamic warm-up before your activity and after your activities. This will ensure you have the mobility and movement necessary for it.

Get Social Support

Social support is huge to keep your morale up because change doesn’t happen quickly. You may make some great gains at the beginning, but it requires tenacity to keep pushing when you plateau or even worse, regress. Having friends, family, and community help you to stay on task because they will hold you accountable. And you will likely feel guilty for giving up. Remember that consistency creates results!

Get A Movement Screened Today

You go to the dentist at least once a year, right? Why?… Because you know that small cavity can become a big cavity and that big cavity can turn into a root canal! And the inconvenience that is associated with that is no fun. Physical therapists are great at helping people to move better… We are the “movement specialists!” And since exercise is a human movement, you should be screened by a physical therapist to see if you are prepared for your activity of choice. If there is anything glaring, they can direct you on what to work on so you can get to your goals.

Get Help When Needed

If you exercise, you are bound to experience some bumps and bruises along the way. And that is just part of the game. When you do experience this, make sure you are taking care of them accordingly (this is whole other topic for another day). Generally, most minor injuries sustained should allow you to return to your activity within 5-7 days. Our rule of thumb is if it lasts for more than 7 days, it’s best to get a professional to look at it. This gives you the best chance to make a full recovery and get back as quickly as you can.

Having fun in social environment are two of the biggest ways to smash your this years goals out of the park. You need to be certain that your body is ready for what you are about to engage in, so getting yourself ready means starting with a screening. And lastly, when you do get hurt, tend to the injuries immediately so they don’t become big problems later into the year.

Fitness can be fun and exciting, but reaching your goals will give you the sense of accomplishment. This makes you hungry (figuratively!) to do it again. And the cycle continues year after year.  At LEVEL4, we help people prepare for their activities and help set realistic goals for them… And hold them accountable to do their part. We offer classes and training to help you achieve your goals this year. If you would like more information, click HERE for one of our free tips reports to start (look toward the middle of the page. You will get some great information to help you make the best decision about your health. Click the blue-button below to schedule a telephone consultation where we can give you more insight into your goals for this year. We look forward to hearing from you.

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