Golf Performance Self-Assessment

Golf is a great game that can take a toll on your body if you don't prepare for it.  Are you having injuries from playing golf?  Maybe your back, shoulder, knees or elbow?  Do you find your friends are picking on you because you aren't playing like you used to?  Or are you having to use a golf cart to play (unable to walk the course because of pain)? A lot of people get frustrated with the lack of ability to performing and playing like they used to. This is usually when people start searching YouTube for swing information or look to buying new clubs, only to find little change in the injuries or scorecard.

We put together this self-assessment for people looking for information about golf performance. Within this assessment, you will be asked specific questions that relate to your body and golf. And based off of your answers, you will be given the best information for your personal situation.  It is not meant to be diagnostic, but rather to help you understand where you might be at with your golf game and your desire to prevent injuries from happening.

Start by clicking the green button above... Then your results will be emailed to you along with the best information based on how you answered each question.  So go ahead... Click the green button to start TODAY!

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