How Do You Stop Knee Pain That Doesn’t Involve Painkillers If You’re Aged 40+

Knee pain

So you want to stop knee pain?

Knee pain as a whole is a very common condition and frequent problem presenting to us in the clinic. More than one-third of Americans report being affected by knee pain. The overall prevalence of knee pain in the population is approximately 19%. The incidence increases steadily with age . Furthermore, the severity of the pain increases with age and a greater percentage have pain associated with disability.

Men: It is estimated that the overall prevalence of knee pain for men of all ages is between 15 and 20%. A study in the US showed that approximately 18% of men aged 60 years and older reported knee pain and the incidence increases steadily with age.

Women: The incidence of knee pain has been found to be slightly more common in females compared to men. The overall prevalence of knee pain in women is approximately 20% . A study in the US showed that approximately 23% of women aged 60 years and older reported knee pain. There was a trend for the reports of knee pain to increase consistently with age.

So, I want to add to your “health education” by showing you what you can do to ease knee pain and lower your risk of it ever happening to you.

Below are the best ways to do that and if you were to follow them all, then you will give yourself the best chance of skipping knee pain, or at very best, minimizing the effect it may have had upon your active “on-the-go” life.


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1. Avoid Wearing High Heels

Here’s why. Wearing high heels will increase the pressure through your knees by about 25 times. Reverse that, and it means if you wear a nice soft cushioned pair of shoes instead, your lower back would be experiencing 25 times less pressure and force placed upon it. Imagine how much relief you’d feel if you could take that type of stress off your knee joint right now? But understand that it’s a cumulative effect. This pressure builds up from wearing the wrong footwear over a period of weeks and years and results in a weak and stiff knee joint somewhere around the age of 40 - 45.

2. Avoid Sitting With Your Legs Bent For More Than 20 Minutes At A Time

There’s so much ‘gossip’ that surrounds knee pain. But this is and I were not designed to sit. It goes against every basic, fundamental rule of the way we’re originally created as humans.

When you sit at a desk or in a chair with your knees bent underneath, you’re stretching ligaments and muscles and placing your knee in a position that is unnatural – and it really wasn’t supposed to be in for very long.

Limit the amount of time doing it and keep your knees straight whenever possible.

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3. Use Ice (Not Heat)

Ice is by far the best way to ease knee pain. My tip, use ice whenever you’re feeling achy or painful, such as at the end of a very busy day. Apply an ice pack for 10 minutes (every hour) is best. And when to use heat – my tip would be to apply a hot pack or heating blanket on a morning where your knee is likely to be feeling more stiff than painful. Again, 10 minutes should do it.

4. Avoid…

5. Only do THESE exercises…

6. Make sure you sleep with a…

7. DO NOT wear these…

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Dr. Oscar Andalon, DPT

San Diego’s Leading Knee Pain Specialist at Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance

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Performance Physical Therapist at LEVEL4 PT & Wellness
Dr. Oscar Andalon is a leading and trusted sports physical therapist, strength coach, performance enhancement specialist, educator, author, and Co-Founder of LEVEL4 PT & Wellness – an Encinitas integrated wellness center for people in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond, who value their health and want to restore or maximize their active and healthy lifestyle.

For more than 16 years, thousands of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and active people of all ages, levels and sports including Olympic medalists, professional, collegiate and recreational athletes have consulted Oscar; looking for answers to concerning questions about a fast end to their pain and best ways to improving performance.

Prior to living in Carlsbad, CA, he worked as Clinic Director for a 20,000 sq.ft. sports physical therapy and performance center. He became known as the “athlete whisperer” in the Pacific Northwest by becoming the leading sports performance enhancement physical therapist and CrossFit injury rehab and performance specialist. He also was known as a consultant to the Nike WHQ in Portland, OR.

Oscar’s passion for excelling in sports earned him the opportunity to compete in soccer both at the Division 1 collegiate level at the University of San Francisco and at the professional level playing for the California Jaguars; giving him the understanding and experience of knowing what it takes to perform and excel at the highest level of competition. Oscar is an orthopedic and sports performance specialist with a true passion for helping athletes and fitness fanatics of all ages and divisions, serving as an educator to bridge the gap between rehab and strength and conditioning.

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