Why Helping This Client Prove His Medical Doctor Wrong… Kept Him From Having Risky Surgery and Continue Living In His Own Home

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Have you been told that you need to have a risky surgery?  Hear the story of a client who was told this, only to find relief with a natural, non-surgical solution that allowed him to stay active.

Avoided Risky Surgery - Man Hiking With His Dog

I wanted to share a quick story with you about how we helped ease the frustration of one of our clients due to the advice he received from his medical doctor. This helped him from having to move out of his own home, and ultimately proved his doctor wrong.

Richard’s Story

So my story is about Richard, who’s a 57-year-old business owner in Encinitas, California, who since his mid-40s loves to hike with his three dogs. Now, as of few months ago, he began to feel a throbbing pain in both his knees after hiking. And when his knees began feeling worse, he realized he couldn’t hike anymore because it was too painful. So he ended up going and visiting his doctor, but his doctor told him, “It’s because of your age.”

The doctor then prescribed pain medications and told him to take a few weeks of rest. But after a few weeks later, there was still no improvement. He went back to his doctor, and again, he was advised to rest, continue taking the painkillers, and to avoid walking for more than 10 minutes at a time. But his knees still didn’t improve.

Now, going up and down his stairs at home was becoming a difficult task. Since several months had already passed, he was beginning to wonder if his knee pain would ever heal. When he returned to his doctor for a third time, he was told he should consider moving from his two-story house and into a one level home. He was also advised to consult with an orthopedic surgeon for a potential knee replacement surgery.

Can you imagine being told that you might have to consider giving up your home, and moving somewhere else?…Or having risky surgery as a solution to your knee pain and discomfort?

Richard didn’t even want to look into doing those options without exploring every other option available to him. He remembered having physical therapy once in college but was skeptical as the exercises didn’t seem to make much improvement. When he decided to give physio another try, we helped show him that life really is possible without the curse of annoying knee pain, which can also rob you of your independence.

You see, Richard isn’t the only client we’ve seen who’s been told by their medical doctor that their knee pain is simply due to either their age or to consider moving to a one-story home after being in pain for so long and having to live a life taking painkillers. It has become such a common concern for people who suffer with bad knees for a while. In fact, if you’ve been led to believe those are your only solutions, like this doctor’s advice, then you could be missing out on getting back to living the life you deserve.

Movement Is Key

If you don’t use your knees correctly or perform the right exercises, then eventually, they’ll become weak and lose strength, and worse, it can end up causing you problems further down the line. Moving to a home with no stairs will mean you’ll be using your knees a lot less, and that’s not good. You see..knees are made to bend. They’re designed to help us walk, kneel, bend, to grab objects from the floor, not to stay still and be rested all day, which is what a lot of people are told to do.

So, how did we help Richard get back to living an active life where he could return to taking his dogs out for long walks? Simple. We helped him get moving the right way. But we didn’t just give him any old exercises, we designed a program specific to him and his needs. We started slow with gentle walking and specific strengthening exercises, building him up to using the stairs, and walking further for longer. We also used the combination of massage techniques with Pilates and some weight training to help ease the pain, but to continue strengthening his legs appropriately.

Risky Surgery Avoided

So, although it may feel like knee pain is something you’ll have to learn to live with, and you might not be able to be as active as you once were, that’s not always the case. Don’t just accept rest, taking painkillers, risky surgery that can be painful and costly, or having to move from your two-story home as your only solutions.

If you want more information to recover from knee pain and get back to the life that you deserve for good, download our free knee report now at level4pt.com/knee-pain, and you can instantly download it. Or if you have an urgent question or would like to inquire about cost and availability, please give us a call today at 760-805-4440.

If you know anyone who is suffering with knee pain at the moment, and you think they could benefit from our services, feel free to pass our number their way to help put an end to their knee pain quick. So, thanks for letting me share Richard’s story with you today.

And if you’ve ever been told something this crazy by your doctor or have heard a similar story like Richard’s, please feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear all about it. So until next time, be in the pursuit of better, and have a great day.

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