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Category Archives: Physical Therapy

These blog posts are related to “physical therapy,” also called “physio” or “physiotherapy” in the rest of the world. Inside this section, we discuss quick self assessments and screens, provide useful information about common issues related to what physical therapy can do for you, and what you can do to get you back out there doing what you love.  Whether you are just looking for information, a real solution to fix your problem, or speciality care for you, then team at Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance will be able to assist you.  We start with providing valuable and useful information to help you make the best decision about what the next step will be.  In some cases, just getting the right information puts you on the right path to a solution.  In most cases, however, getting on the phone with one of our specialists gives you the opportunity to discuss your specific problem, ask your questions to get the right answers, and then determine what you should do next.  From there, you start to get the answers about what is going on and move forward to an thorough evaluation with your input on what you want to achieve.  Then your plan of care can start, getting you back to doing the things you love!

How Pilates Can Help You Recover From A Knee Injury

Pilates for knee pain

I want to talk to you today about how Pilates can help recover from a knee injury. I bring this up because a recent client of mine who’s 53 years old.  She was struggling with chronic knee pain, had trouble going up and down her stairs, squatting, running, jumping. This was bothering her for the…

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5 Things We Think Resolve Knee Pain, But Really Don’t…

Resolve knee pain

5 Things We Think Resolve Knee Pain, But Really Don’t… Resolve Knee Pain I just received an email yesterday from a guy named Mike in Carlsbad, California. He asked me a question, and I wanted to share it with you today, because I know many of you have most likely been in a similar situation…

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Will Cortisone Help My Knee Pain?

Cortisone Injection

Will Cortisone Help My Knee Pain? Do you have a nagging ache in your knee which is stiff in the morning? Have you been told you have arthritis? Are you wondering, ‘Will cortisone help my knee pain?’ If so, you’ll want to continue reading… Of the 323 million Americans in 2017, roughly 20% are affected…

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Why Sitting is Taking Years Off Your Life… 4 Tips To Combat This!

Want to know why sitting is taking years off your life?  Read on to find out… I wanted to share a question that was recently asked by one of our amazing clients, Josh, who’s 48 years old from Del Mar, California. Now Josh asked me, “I recently read an article that says, ‘Americans are spending…

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Why Does Cracking or Popping My Back Initially Relieve My Pain?… But It Doesn’t Last!

Cracking Your Back

I would like to share a question a current client asked me about “cracking” or “popping” her back”.  It’s a question I get asked quite often so I wanted to share with you. “I have recently gotten into the habit of cracking my back whenever I feel muscle stiffness or back pain.  The reason I…

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My Doctor Told Me to Rest My Back, But I Just Want to Be Active Again… Help!

Doctor Resting Back

If you have ever thought, “I’ve just been told to rest my back… And I just want to be active again,” then this article is especially for you.

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Why Does My Back Hurt After a Round of Golf?

Back hurts after a round of golf

Why Does My Back Hurt After a Round of Golf? “Why is it my low back hurts after I get done playing a round of golf?” This was a question we recently got asked… Let’s first talk about the sport itself. Golf… It’s a rotational sport. We rotate through the trunk from the hips, all…

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Exercising After Having A Baby… When Is It Safe To Start?

Tiny babies feet

Exercising After Having A Baby… When Is It Safe To Start? I wanted to tell you about a common question that I got asked four times in the last two weeks… as most of these women were about three months after having their baby, some were sooner, and they want to know, “When is it…

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Why Does My Shoulder Only Hurt When I Move My Arm, But Feels Fine At My Side?

Shoulder pain

  Why Does My Shoulder Only Hurt When I Move My Arm… But Feels Fine At My Side?… This is one of the most common shoulder questions we get asked in the clinic. This week I had a question asked by one of our clients Brooke, 49, from Encinitas, who asked… “For the past several…

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3 Secrets to Eliminate Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain are never any fun! In fact, it is the 8th leading cause for disability in the United States and 4th in the world. If the head is not held in the correct postural position, then it exerts about 3.6 times more force than it takes to stand upright with good posture.…

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